About us

IMG Ultrasuoni was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of ultrasonic transducers for industrial applications, also known as “NDT – Non Destructive Testing” and medical (Doppler effect).
Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired over the years, we offer our customers “turnkey” solutions related to the world of non-destructive testing, operating independently in every phase of the order which includes the preliminary study, design, up to the construction of transducers and systems for both standard applications and special systems.
We are the leading Italian manufacturer of ultrasound probes of any type and for every type of application.
The high competence of the technicians allows our company to be a point of reference in the Italian market of non-destructive testing by providing essential technical and training support for the various applications. The constantly updated staff has all the 3rd level certifications in the AUT, UT area, according to the ISO standards, including the ISO 9712 certification for staff training in non-destructive testing.
Our organization is in possession of the ISO 9001: 2015 certification, specific for non-destructive testing.

Technical assistance

IMG is committed to providing the best technical support using highly qualified personnel. Our technicians are trained and certified according to company standards, which allow us to meet customer needs and to design systems or probes for any type of ultrasonic control. Technical assistance is also provided on-site according to the customer’s requests. Our specialized technicians are able to carry out any type of repair of instruments and probes. We carry out repairs of probes, for example: – flat probes: replacement of connector or restoration of protection – angled probes: replacement of connector and restoration of protection – double angled probes: replacement of connectors and resolving with septum – double flat probes: replacement of connectors and restoration of front part.

Probe and instrument repair

IMG Ultrasuoni has highly specialized technicians able to repair ultrasound probes and ultrasonic instruments. Spare parts IMG has a spare parts warehouse ready to meet customer needs with fast and efficient international shipments.

Certifications & Calibration

The company, made up of 1st and 2nd level technicians, is able to issue: certificates of ultrasonic probes, calibration certificates of measuring instruments and declarations of conformity of calibration or sample blocks.

– ASTM E 317-16 Defect Detectors
– ASME V Defect Detectors
– EN12668-1 Defect Detectors
– ASTM E 2491-13 Phased Array Instruments
– ASTM E 317-16 Thickness Gauges
– EN12668-2 Ultrasound Probes
– UNI EN ISO 2400_2012 Sample Blocks V1
– UNI EN ISO 7963 Sample Blocks V2

Training & Education

IMG Ultrasuoni is structured to provide training courses to its customers. The training can be carried out: In House at the IMG Ultrasuoni headquarters or On Site directly at the customer’s premises.

Work with us

IMG is looking for distribution companies to expand its foreign market: for this reason it offers an interesting opportunity for collaboration to those wishing to share this ambitious goal.
We are therefore looking for dynamic companies with a spirit of initiative and experience in the ultrasound and NDT sector capable of assisting the sales function in the development of new customers and support for those already acquired. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us at the following email address sales@img-us.com.