IMG ULTRASUONI was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of ultrasonic transducers for industrial (CND) and medical (doppler effect) applications. Thanks to the experience and the know-how gained from years of experience and work, IMG offers its customers complete solutions covering every phase:
from the preliminary study to the engineering, to the manufacturing of transducers and custom systems for special applications. Our main goals are a constant increase in the products quality, the attention to the market needs and a product development with an “application oriented” approach. IMG, besides supplying probes and equipment, develops solutions for specific applications, providing recognized technical and training support, of great importance especially for the Phased Array applications.

Technical assistance

IMG is committed to provide the best technical support using highly qualified personnel. Our technicians are trained and certified according to company standards, which allow us to meet customer needs and to design systems or probes for any type of ultrasonic control. Technical assistance is also provided on-site according to the customer’s requests.

Certifications & Calibration

The company, made up of 1st and 2nd level technicians, is able to issue: certificates of ultrasonic probes, calibration certificates of measuring instruments and declarations of conformity of calibration or sample blocks.

  • ASTM E 317-11 Defect Detectors

Training & Education

IMG Ultrasuoni is structured to provide training courses to its customers. The training can be carried out: In House at the IMG Ultrasuoni headquarters or On Site directly at the customer’s premises.


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What are Non Destructive Testing?

Non destructive testing are a complex of exams, tests and take over conducted through methods that do not alter the material and do not require the destruction or the removal of samples from the structure under examination. The final intention is to search and identify any flaws in the structure.

In the industrial sector each critical product (construction beams, support screws, aeronautical components, automotive components, pressure components) must be checked to verify its integrity and the compliance with current legal norms. In fact we all know that if a little superficial flaw, that doesn’t cause any problems in a normal situation, it could grow constantly until it leads to a component break, if it is subjected to fatigue stresses. Non constructive testing are conducted on every single component, replacing the most uncertain “destructive sample check”. IMG Ultrasuoni gives you a complete, reliable solution in the ultrasounds non destructive testing.

The most spread acronyms in this field are: CND, PND, NDT and NDE- they are divided in two families: Volumetric inspections (Ultrasounds UT and Radiographic RT) and surface checks, Visual (VT), Penetrant Liquids (PT), Magnetoscopy (MT) and Eddy Currents (ET). Other methods of CND are: Acoustic Emission (AT), Thermography (TT), Leak Tests (LT), Extensometry (ST).

The choice of which non destructive testings to apply for a precise goal is very difficult and articulated, the product and method regularity framework is also extremely complex and extensive. Thus, NDT must be applied following specific procedures written by experts, that give to qualified operators the competences to execute correctly the tests, in compliance with the applicable codes and regulations.
The relevance of a discontinuity or anomaly or flaw does not represent an universal character, but it depends on the material and the functionality of a component, or by the influence on the test or even on the safety of the component. A first classification of the discontinuities it’s based on their own nature (cracks, porosity, shrinkage cavities, lack of fusions, delamination, inclusions), the second one is based on their form (flat, rounded, elongated, filiform, clusters).
The ultrasound inspection implies the testing material or component through the propagation of mechanical vibrations at high frequency ( ultrasounds) in its entire volume or in a part of it in the case of a partial exam. The ultrasound propagation in the material is similar to the propagation of the light; a discontinuity in the material is like a mirror reflecting the light. To use a specific ultrasound technique, it needs the use of probes and instruments that can intercept the variation in the propagation of the UT waves with the best possible ratio between signal and noise. The ultrasound control is not the absolute control, but it is based on the comparison of signal generated by artificial flaws realized in an intact material, even if they are actually produced (DAC) or predeterminated based on the probe used (DGS or AVG).

The evaluation of the ultrasounds indication allows the characterization of the discontinuity, hence determining the nature, and sizing based on the amplitude of the signal produced, or correlating the movement of the probe along the borders of the discontinuity at least in two orthogonal directions in order to size the length and height of the discontinuity.
our company can provide and give assistance to your company, in many NDT methods:
• Non Destructive Testing with ultrasounds
• Ultrasounds testing
• Dye Penetrant
• Visual inspection
• Electromagnetic Testing
• Radiographic Testing

Are you searching for company that performs non destructive testing?

IMG Ultrasuoni, located in Mandello del Lario (LC, Italy), is a society specialized in all exams, tests, instruments, that are part of the non destructive testing or “NDT”. Discover here all our solutions in NDT field and ask for a free price quotation. IMG Ultrasuoni produces and sells products and solutions for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and it’s the technological partner of the companies that make Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) on the work area. IMG Ultrasuoni offers also a consultancy for special testings through highly specialized and certified technicians .

Which are the IMG products for Non Destructive Testing?

IMG Ultrasuoni thanks to the competence and knowledge acquired through the years and its high qualified and specialized team, offers a wide range of products and solutions in different types on destructive and non destructive testing. In this site you will find our products, from probes, accessories for probes and phased array, scanner, special system (UTAX, bore probes, ultrasound tanks), ultrasound instruments, eddy currents, thickness gauge, dye penetrant products, magnetoscopy, magnetic products, portable hardness tester, endoscopy, services and NDT certifications. This are the categories of the main products, if you are searching for a specific solution and a customized product, we will able to create the project for all your needs.













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