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The Dellon D series Industrial videoscope is applicable to a wide range of industrial sectors such as special inspection, power, automobile, petrochemical, machinery, pipes, container manufacturing, suitable for small spaces video detection. The detections include turbine blade, combustor, heat exchange maintenance tubes, condenser, automobile engines, hydraulic, pneumatic fittings, steel pipe, casting, foreign objects inside the pressure vessel, clogging and defects. Also it can be used for anti-terrorism, search and rescue, archaeological finds and other small entrance detection.


• 4mm, 6mm, & 8mm diamter testing probes in 1.5M to 15M lengths available
• 5.7 inch high resolution display
• Mini CCD/CMOS camera
• Bright LED illumination 40000Lux~60000Lux
• Detection line range up to 10m
• 360 degree viewing & four way articulation
• SD card for photo (JPEG) and video (AVI) storage
• Portable host suitable for single person operation
• Continuous working time 4-5 hours
• Rechargeable battery


• Rail transportation
• Pipelines container manufacturing
• Machinery manufacturing
• Electric power
• Petrochemical
• Aerospace
• Special inspection
• Machinery

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