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The Twistec probe is the only reliable solution capable of inspecting non-ferromagnetic Twisted Tube® heat exchangers.
To address the unique helical shape of such tubes, Twistec probes feature a miniature slip ring and a special combination of coils. Twistec probes rely on a pair of rotating oval coils that reduce the noise from the twisted tubes’s helix and a head equipped with two “feelers” that press down the coils they contain against the tube’s inner surface. This innovative, patent-pending design ensures that flaws are properly detected, characterized, and sized, wherever they are on the circumference of the tube, unlike traditional bobbin probes.

• Unique, adaptive mechanical design (patent pending) that adjusts to the geometry of twisted tubes to minimize liftoff and optimize results
• Improved flaw detection, sizing, and characterization over conventional bobbin and IRIS probes
• Four ECT channels and indication of whether defects are in crests or dips of tubes
• Operators will have an easier time extending the useful life of Twisted Tube® HX with the high-quality results of Twistec probes

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