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2D/3D Tube  Mapping, Data  Management,  and Reporting

TubePro is the state-of-the-art fruit of ISS’ over 30 years of experience in developing thermal, mechanical and inspection software applications for the petrochemical and power generation industries.
Benefit 1 — Ease of Use
TubePro was developed with a focus on ease of use. It is easy to learn the tube mapping edition tools featured in the software. You can easily add, delete, and edit tubes, as well as conventional functions such as undo offer a familiar feel to TubePro. Fully customizable drawing, legends, and report templates offer rapid and consistent reporting capabilities across your organization.
Benefit 2 — Advanced Reporting
Reports can be output as spreadsheets compatible with any popular spreadsheet software. Cells can be updated in real time and easily linked to calculate and specify data to TubePro. Reports can automatically be updated with such information as the number of inspected tubes, the number of obstructed tubes, and any other tube or project-specific data.

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