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IRIS PRO is an high speed ultrasonic system, designed to be used with any IRIS (Internal Rotary Inspection System) turbine. The high performance of the UT board ensures high accuracy measurements and perfect adaptation to all types of IRIS probes.



The software has been designed to meet the requirements of engineers specialized in UT inspection. Simplicity, reliability and superior performance make IRIS the perfect system for field inspection. IRIS can also work with the battery (optional): this ensures an outstanding operational flexibility on the field. The reporting and operation software is customisable upon request, being adaptable to individual needs: data storage and communication can be redesigned on specific requests. The setup procedure is very immediate. All parameters
necessary are shown on a single screen. The double A-Scan display allows the parameters setting in a few simple steps. The management function of the A-Scans permits immediate and reliable identification of the PIN position and of echoes of internal and external surfaces.

Inspection and analysis layout:

The Side View (B-Scan) can be displayed in black or on a colour scale as for C-Scan. B-Scan and C-Scan are displayed in real-time at the same rotation rate of the turbine. Thanks to the high performance of the UT board and the optimized software, IRIS PRO can operate at high rotation speed of turbines (> 50 rpm), ensuring 360 acquisitions per lap. All the main features: Main Gain, Pin Gain, Range, Nominal Tube Diameter, Minimum Thickness, Peak/Flank. Measurement gates can be modified in real time during the acquisition. The automatic file generation allows an immediate organization of archives, by reducing the operating time on the field.

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