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Automatic control system for internal bore welding and fillet welds inspection on tube sheets of heat exchangers. This system consists of a multi-turn robot with 0.5mm fixed pitch and 30mm maximum scannable length. Automatic water injection system directly in the tube being inspected. Movement control unit programmable through dedicated software. Twin crystal probes specifically designed for the inspection being carried out.


System configuration:

 – Ultrasonic system specifically designed for IBW and fillet welds inspection.

 – Multi-turn robot for helical scanning with 0.5 mm fixed pitch and 30 mm maximum scanning depth.

 – Automatic water injection system directly into the pipe being inspected.

 – Motion control unit, programmable via software.

 – Twin crystal probes, specifically designed according to the kind of welds being inspected.

Database management:

In order to facilitate simple and clear classification, management and retrieval of files, an organized, tried-andtest procedure is identified. The identification of the inspection activities is possible by entering the following fields:
– JOB NUMBER: identification number of the job activity
– FACTORY: identification number of the plant being inspected
– ROW: pipe row number
– TUBE: number of the pipe in the row
– SIDE: side of the tube sheet being inspected (TOP, BOTTOM, INTERNAL, EXTERNAL)

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