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Img Ultrasuoni ti propone uno strumento ideale per la rilevazione di difetti su materiali attraverso l’utilizzo delle migliori tecniche di ispezione e dei migliori software.



Low frequency digital instrument to check homogeneity in composite materials. Very robust and safe (IP65), easy to use thanks to the data entry through the touch screen and multiple functions, such as saving of oscillograms (A-Scan) and related calibration parameters. It works with rechargeable NiMH batteries allowing for 8 hours autonomy. It can be used for cross-hole inspection thanks to the UMACS unit. Low frequency control of composite materials: Concrete – Brick structures – Stone materials – Glass and carbon fibers – Natural stones – Composites materials – Marbles – Granites. Palifications, cross-hole control with UMACS. Agglomerates – Grana cheese.

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