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Anyweld is a magnetic wheel scanner designed for almost any type of linear weld inspection with phased array and tofd probes. It can be equipped with up to 8 different probes (10 if using special dual todf wedges). The high modularity allows the scanner to be assembled in 14 different configurations according to the customer requests. Its innovative design allows the scanning of circumferential tube welding starting from 4 “up to flat surfaces. Its modular design allows the use also for longitudinal welds scanning. The scanner can also be used on non-magnetic materials thanks to optional chains. It can be equipped with laser pointer for accurate positioning, saving time in inspection. The external 12v rechargeable battery allows a long duty while scanning. The scanner Anyweld is compatible with all AUT flaw detectors on the market.


Esempi applicativi:

-Controllo Saldature

-Controllo materiali amagnetici

-Controllo saldature longitudinali e trasversali

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