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The crawler for rail inspection is constructed of light alloy and thanks to its scroll wheels is suitable for different rail sections. It is equipped with a third wheel serving as a support for the crawler, being mounted on an articulated rod of variable length to facilitate transport and mounting from either side. The three probes are spring-mounted in vertical position on a shoe self-fitting to the width of the contact surface, allowing it to be lifted during transport. It is possible to regulate the flow of coupling liquid of each probe. A passive mixer is mounted on the crawler. By means of a manual selector, this mixer allows to use the probes individually or simultaneously, with the possibility to adjust the signal amplitude for each probe.


Esempi applicativi:

-Controllo binari ferroviari

-Controllo Assili ferroviari

-Controlli non distruttivi settore ferroviario


Tandem system with angled beam probes for wheel inspection, capable of adapting to various diameters.

The rotating probe device for the railways axles inspection is fully constructed of aluminium and may be interfaced with any electronic instrument for defects detection. It may be equipped with 3, 4 or 5 ultrasonic probes. Crystal size, frequency and angle can be arranged at your request. The coupling to the axles is ensured by a magnet and some springs, maintaining a constant pressure among axle and probes. Furthermore, every probe holder is provided with anti-wear carbides delivering a longer lifespan of the probes.

Sistema tandem con sonde angolate per controllo ruote con possibilita di adattarsi ai vari diametri.

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