Penetrant Liquids Controls

The dye penetrants test is a non destructive method for the inspection of the superficial integrity of components made in ferromagnetic or diamagnetic material. Taking advantage of the principle of capillarity of some liquids, they can be used both in contrasting colors and fluorescent, increasing their control sensitivity. This method is practical, easy to use and very spread over industry sectors, giving the possibility of reach different types of opened indications on the surface.

IMG ULTRASUONI distribuisce in Italia prodotti di consumo en accessori per controlli non distruttivi con liquidi penetranti e particelle magnetiche del marchio tedesco Helling.

La nostra gamma di prodotti, comprende liquidi penetranti a contrasto di colore fluorescenti, particelle nere in sospensione e fluorescenti, oppure polveri magnetiche a secco e diluibili.

Testings with Magnetic Particles

The inspection with magnetic particles (magnetoscopy, known also as magnetic test) is a type of non destructive testing used for detecting superficial and subsuperficial indications in ferromagnetic components. This is based on the attraction of ferromagnetic particles released in the liquid (suspension) attracted by the magnetic field introduced in the testing component near eventually indications or discontinuities. The magnetic particles could have a fluorescent pigmentation (so it is visible in onscure environment through UV Lights) or color contrast (visible with white light). It consists in the magnetization of the part: at the indications a deviation of the lines of the magnetic force outwards, creating a dispersed flow and a set of flow lines. If magnetic dusts are add to the component, even dry or in liquid suspension, these will cover the area around the indication. The localized accumulation of dust allows the visual detection of the same.