What Is Visual Examination? 

The first of the non destructive testing is the visual examination (VT) which, as a rule, anticipates all the other methods provided. Contrary to what one might think, preparing and performing the visual examination can be complex.

It is the basic method of the NDT and allows the control of semi-finished products in the intermediate phases of the production cycle and of the product during the final testing or in the periodic checks required by law. The investigation aims to identify surface flaws, evaluate whether or not the object has the required characteristics to make any changes.

The visual examination can be direct or remotized.

In the first case you are able to see with your only eyes every part of the object.

The remote visual examination uses lenses or endoscopes with low level of zoom, borescopes, lamps and zoomed pictures.

Researching defects on artifact surface requires good light conditions, orientation preparation and in some cases the use of instruments to see surfaces not directly accessible (mirrors, endoscopes, etc…)

Questa tipologia di controlli non distruttivi, come già anticipato ha diversi campi di applicazione, in particolare viene impiegato per il controllo visivo delle saldature e il controllo visivo di tubazioni e pipeline.

Presso la nostra azienda siamo in grado di poterti assistere nei tuoi esami visivi, sia in termini di fornitura prodotti e strumenti, sia in termini di assistenza dedicata dal nostro team tecnico.